Budweiser Beats Energy Drink

Case Study: 2021

The Challenge:

Budweiser wanted to enter the energy drinks space. And they had identified an opportunity in the caffeinated energy drinks space. Currently, the market leader in this space was Red Bull and was synonymous with Energy drinks!

The Ask:

Ormax was commissioned to identify the opportunity need spaces, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), relevant positioning concepts and the final brand positioning thought that would translate into a creative brief.

The real challenge was to launch the product in 5 weeks!

The Ormax Approach:

The assignment required a multi pronged approach; and a war room scenario:

1. Trends spotting and review literature
2. Retail visits and immersive exercise drinking energy drinks
3. Consumer understanding to define the category codes and need states
4. Arriving at the MVP post 50% of the consumer interactions
5. Brainstorming and crafting the concepts basis the need space identified
6. Testing the concepts and arriving at the winning concepts
7. Testing the packaging designs
8. Crafting the final Brand Value proposition
9. Fitment with the Bud Brand Imagery

Moments of Truth:

1. Mapping the mood states and the role of an energy drink – this was critical for us to understand.

2. The context of consumption mattered – when and how they consumed these drinks!
Large part of energy drinks consumption is social in nature – posturing and fitting in. Also it was consumed by those who didn’t have alcoholic beverages!

3. The role of caffeine and the expectations from an energy drink was critical to get right. The first few sips mattered! (organoleptic and taste sensorials)

4. Important decisions about the target group – energy drink for gamers vs. sports person vs. young people (21 yrs. vs. 26 yrs.)

The assignment is a case study of partnership and collaboration!
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