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We proudly represent the consumer in the boardroom and point you to their needs.

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We are solution focused – not method focused.

37 Years Of Experience

We are a Consumer Knowledge firm with a strong foundation in Human Psychology and Behavior Understanding


Team Ormax has been our true partner in discovering ‘moments of truth’ in categories we believed can’t have many 🙂 Through this we have been able to chart a clear growth path for our brands and portfolio


At Urban Company we had the opportunity to work with the Ormax team. The mandate was simple, but ambiguous, what was the user and non user sentiment towards the UC Salon services. The depth and rigor with which the team operated in giving us the sharpest insights was amazing! From the CEO right down to the team executing, every member put in efforts to gain this understanding and come back with a lot of conviction on the strong user insights. The analysis helped in strategising our communication across ATL and digital over the next year and helped us achieve triple digit growth for the category.


Through the communication testing techniques employed by Ormax, we have been able to hone in on our central brand message. The learnings have been action-oriented and have helped make OLX communication more engaging and relatable. Ormax Expressive, through its unique testing methodology, helped us understand how to maintain viewers’ attention. These learnings have immediately been incorporated in our creatives.


To me, Ormax is much more than a research company. For 18 years they have been our strategic partners. On all our products. Their clarity of thought and ethics have benefited us enormously and they are now a valued part of our team.


Ormax has been our Consumer insight partner for the past several years, and has assisted our teams across multiple initiatives. We think of Ormax as a strategic partner that’s integrally involved in our success. They helped us map out an effective plan, delivering actionable insights flawlessly on-time, always friendly and flexible in their approach. Ormax provides nuanced consumer insights that paint a clear picture of the gaps and opportunities prevailing in the segment with a clear path forward. We look forward to working with them on more exciting initiatives in the months ahead.

Over 37 years of helping brands understand consumers

What We Offer


Playstorming Techniques are created, visualised, customised and designed By An Expert Team Of Mothers, Child Psychologists, psychoanalysts, educationists, children content creators

Case Study:

Mattell – Thomas the Tank Engine (2015)

Communication Testing

Getting the strategic thinking right in the ad – makes communication testing an essential tool for all marketing folks!

It is NOT about the likeability of the ad.
At Ormax, for 37 yrs., we have said this – To test the ad for the stated communication objectives defined by the brand.

Case Study:

The case of the company that aimed to change car buying habits – CarDekho, 2019

Finalists for the MRSI Golden Key Awards – Communication Impact

New Idea / Concept

Entrepreneurs and organisations spend a lot of time & investment creating products. Is there really a need for these products? Who really is the customer for these products?

Case Study:

The case of the company that sought to understand the women in the shadows – Rio Pads, 2020

Finalists for the MRSI Golden Key Awards – Business Impact

Category Bible

A category is an ecosystem in which the brand / product lives. Getting these two fundamental questions right is critical for any brand:
1. Who am I in their lives?
2. What role do I play in their lives?
This understanding helps the brand identify product, positioning, marketing and communication opportunities to craft the right strategy!

Case Study:

Budweiser Beats Energy Drink, 2021

Brand Rejuvenation

Brands need to constantly evolve in order to stay relevant to their target audiences.

We have worked with brands such as Thums Up, Kothari Inner Wear, Parsi Dairy Farm.

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