Revealing the Modern Face of Ayurveda.
Case Study: 2017

The Challenge:

Kapiva – a young company started by Ameve Sharma (president of Baidyanath), offering modern ayurvedic nutrition products with natural ingredients and supplements online to improve lifestyle. They had the 100 year history and legacy of Baidyanath, the products, retail stores, and were already available at Noble Chemists.

The Ask:

a. How to make Ayurveda relevant to the younger generation.

b. How to create a powerful, compelling proposition for Kapiva.

The Ormax Approach:

We arrived at an approach that would help Kapiva understand their consumers – depth rather than width

a. To deep dive and explore the mind of the natural/ ayurveda consumer – both users and non-users

b. To arrive at the top 4 pain points for women and men that Kapiva could solve for

c. To understand the millennial’s story and their take on Ayurveda

d. To understand the current users of Kapiva and their story – the first followers

Moments of Truth:

1. We discovered some eye opening barriers to Ayurveda. Ayurveda was felt to be harsh, bitter, brown, for old people! Handling these through the product and packaging was critical. The cues for Natural were different!

2. Everyday Ayurveda – emerged as a powerful thought for Kapiva. The role it could play in the consumer’s daily life. E.g. Kapiva Juices, solution for digestion and constipation, hair fall, slimming etc.