10 Commandments Of EMOTIONAL BRANDING By Gobe

10 Commandments Of EMOTIONAL BRANDING By Gobe

PS- These are slightly modified, to accommodate our views and may not be an authentic reflection of the book.


1. Think Human, not consumer or customer

– Humans live, customers only buy

– The idea is to build a relationship with the human and constantly work on it

2. Don’t sell a product, sell an experience

– Because products at best fulfil a human need, an experience fulfils human desire

– Royal Enfield dont sell a bike, they sell an experience, as do most successful brands

– Experiences are also personal and elicit an emotional connect that drives preference and loyalty

3. Build consumer trust, feel comfortable in giving the consumer the upper hand in the purchase decision

– Ex. A no questions asked return policy is a powerful example of consumer trust

4. Drive preference by showing how a product embeds into the lifestyle of the consumer and creating that association

5. Brands should start building aspiration for the product

– For long term success, the consumer should aspire to make the product a part of their life

– Eg. Something that Nivea Creme does so well

6. Brands should have identity and personality both

– Identity is descriptive at best (being authentic), personality is about character and charisma

7. Design your product to appeal to the senses

– Thus, work on the lifestyle, image and sensory experience

– Senses are the fast track to human emotions

8. Be present but nor pervasive

– Choose moments where you want to build an association 

– Redbull actively finds itself in sport events and has become part of that culture to build a lasting emotional attachment

9. Don’t provide information, create dialogue wherever possible

– If nothing else, at least ensure your copy is more conversational in nature

10. Don’t just provide a service, build a relationship

– Relationships are acknowledgements of understanding and appreciation of the consumer and their needs

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