‘Advertising framework’ by Accel Partners (An American Venture capital firm)  

All inputs based on analysing branding activities and ads of companies within their portfolio including Swiggy, Bluestone, Flipkart, Myntra etc.

Advertising Framework – Accel Partners

1. There are in all four moats or value creation drivers a company can build

– Scale (Both on supply and demand end)

– Brand Building 

– Habit Ownership  (A function of the brand so as to speak)

– Network effects (Also a function of the brand so as to speak)

2. Clearly brand building is integral to the long term success

3. Four types of ad campaigns that brands have used at different stages of growth

Engagement driven campaign – focus is on salience and exploration of the brand – Amazon Aur Dikhao campaign

– Transaction driven campaign – focus is on getting users to try the product/ service- Festive collection from Myntra

– Perception driven campaign – focus is on addressing barriers/ perceptions or building on ‘why us’- get the next set of consumers- Assured campaign by Flipkart

– Bonding driven campaign – focus on establishing what the brand is all about and bond with consumers – Just Like Family campaign by UrbanClap or a Boy named Swiggy

4. The idea for successful startups is to follow a circular model

– Invite led brand messaging (Engagement)

– Engage led brand messaging (Transaction/ perception)

– Connect led brand messaging (Bonding)

5. This broad framework has been put in place after analysing data of all the ads that worked and did not work across partner brands

6. A small gist of how Amazon used the same model to gain significant market share against Flipkart and Snapdeal

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